Zev Oman Biography & Business Information

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Who is Zev Oman you ask? That is a simple question to answer. He is the founder and owner of Space Unlimited, a Professional Property Management company based in Minneapolis Minnesota. He has spent years in the property management industry acquiring properties and learning his trade well. In fact, he learned his trade so well that he decided to start Space Unlimited and show the rest of the property management industry how it is done. They say to lead by example, well Zev Oman has set a positive example on the field and continues to show pride in his accomplishments.

In fact, his company Space Unlimited, not only secures properties for leasing to bigger businesses, but they also have properties that suit smaller businesses and boutiques. They even dabble in real estate as they have some properties listed for rent. I suppose you could say that real estate is a hobby that Zev enjoys very much when you take the variety of properties he currently manages. From big office buildings to small store fronts, his company Space Unlimited has a space that you are looking for if you are searching for a spot in the Twin City.

Did we mention that a lot of Zev Oman’s properties are newly renovated? Having a  space that is right for your business or residential needs is important and Zev’s company Space Unlimited understand that. That is why he keeps the properties under his management up to date. If you happen to have concerns or you need a space to be more custom, Zev and his company are willing to work with you on finding and or creating a space that suits your needs.